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'Hats are about emotion. It is all about how they make you feel' 
Philip Treacy

Bespoke Millinery


Anya Morris is an experienced designer with a distinguished history of working in the millinery industry for over two decades. Her bespoke designs are individually created to incorporate traditional millinery techniques intermingled with contemporary styling to achieve a wearable yet uniquely authentic and modern style. An array of quality materials including felt, pari-sisal straw and silk, as well as modern materials are used innovativetly to create highly individualised pieces. 

The beauty is in the detail

A Personal And Unique Experience

Anya Morris Millinery offers a personal and unique experience in having a bespoke hat or headpiece designed and made specifically for you. We welcome you to our studio in the beautiful town of Lytham in the North West of England. During your time with us we will explore your own ideas whilst giving you advice based on our many years of experience in creating bespoke headpieces for a wide range of clients and occasions. You are, of course, welcome to bring with you any outfits that require a complementary or matching headpiece and we will work with you to explore all options. At the initial consultation we hope to gain enough information and detail so that we can set about creating a design to realise your own requirements and to coordinate with your wishes. In the following few weeks, we will make up the design, and shortly following the initial consultation we will call you back so it can be tried on and then any final adjustments are made before completion.The final result will be unique to you.

Come to my studio for that ultimate moment in your life. You are buying a dream. You are buying a moment for yourself. That’s what I deliver - moments.


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